3 FREE Popular Online Resources Math Teachers Love To Use

What are some popular math websites that teachers love to use? If you’re helping your child to improve their mathematical abilities you may want to save some of these websites to your web browser favourites.

1. YouTube

If you ever get stuck on a particular math concept like factorising linear algebraic equations, then search in YouTube for how other teachers help teach the concept in their classes.

There’s some really good value from how others have taught concepts and if you watch a few videos you may find yourself combining several methods specific to the needs of your child.

While YouTube can be a great online tutorial resource for all your math concept needs it should also be stated that it can be a massive distraction too. Use it as a helpful tool.

2. Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha’s powerful search provides step-by-step solutions to complex problems

So you’ve watched hundreds of videos on YouTube, but you still can’t figure out how to solve an algebraic equation.

Thankfully there’s an amazing resource called Wolfram Alpha that can help solve a lot of your mathematical problems.

The only caveat is that you’ll need to learn a little code to make sure you’ve entered the correct equation. If you know LaTeX then you’re good to go, if not have a quick look at some common functions you’ll need to type into the search to solve your problems:

Math Object LaTeX Code Result
Fractions \frac{x}{2} \frac{x}{2}
Power x^{2} x^{2}
Subscript x_{2} x_2
Common LaTeX commands to enter into Wolfram Alpha search.

Another great benefit of Wolfram Alpha is its ability to be able to provide step-by-step guidance on how to work out a complex math problem.

Also, they do provide some examples to help you enter your problem specific to math concepts.

3. GeoGebra

Geogebra app allows you to plot all manner of equations.

If you’re looking to draw geometrical objects whether two-dimensional or three-dimensional then you’ll need to access the free online resource GeoGebra.

They provide a free online browser utility that can help you visualise through graphs what linear, quadratic and all other form of equations look like when plotted.


What other popular free online resources do you use for your children when teaching mathematics?

Google Docs and Slides are another great resource, but not primarily for use with mathematics. You could also use Google Sheets to create your own math worksheets, which we’ve done before.

Share your popular resources in the comments below.

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