How Many Edges Does A Triangular Pyramid Have?

How many edges does a triangular pyramid have?

The number of edges a triangular pyramid has is 6.

What Is A Triangular Pyramid?

A triangular pyramid is an object made up of 4 triangle shapes.

It has a central triangle with the other three triangles connected to the central triangles edges, and each of those triangles connected together at one central point, like so:

Triangular Pyramids looking from different angles

To create your own triangular pyramid you can construct your own from a larger triangle as shown in the net below:

A triangular pyramid net. Cut along the thick blank line and fold on the dotted lines.

The labels on this net should help you to find out how many edges are on a triangular pyramid.

You’ll also notice there are other labels, such as faces and corners . When you’ve cut along the thick black line and folded the triangles up along the dotted line you should be able to see how many faces , corners and edges a triangular pyramid has.

Here’s a triangular pyramid printable free for you to use and cut out to answer those questions:

The following picture shows a triangular pyramid without faces which helps to emphasise how many edges it has.

Can you identify how many edges a triangular pyramid has from the following picture?

Count how many edges a triangular pyramid has in the following picture.


A triangular pyramid is made up of 4 triangle shapes that fold together to form a 3D object. The number of edges you will discover when constructing a triangular pyramid is 6.

How many faces and corners does it have?

It has 4 faces and 4 corners.

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