How Much Does Kumon Cost Per Month?

Since 2016 we enrolled our eldest child into the Kumon math program. Within a month of starting he turned five, and we have also enrolled our other two children when they were around the 3.5 age mark.

Thankfully throughout the time spent at Kumon we have not had the centre increase the cost of the math or reading program on a regular basis. However, with increasing wages and rents imposed upon a centre it wouldn’t be unrealistic to expect increases year on year.

Here have been our costs year on year at our local Kumon center:

Year Math Program
Per Child
Per Month
Reading Program
Per Child
Per Month
2016 $132.00 $132.00
2017 $132.00 $132.00
2018 $132.00 $132.00
2019 $142.16 $142.16
2020 $142.16 $142.16
2021 $142.16 $142.16
Our Kumon center’s charges over the years we have been with them per child per month. All prices are in Australian dollars and include merchant fees that are on-charged.

Is Kumon Value For Money?

Knowing that Kumon costs around $130-$140 per student per course per month raises the question is it’s actually worth the price you pay?

Several fair comparisons could be: how does this compare with a private tutor? How does this compare to purchasing text books? How does this compare to other similar services?

Compare Private Tutelage

If you compare Kumon to a private math and reading tutor you’ll notice that you’re paying for an individual education and provided the tutor can push and teacher your child further you might be able to accomplish much.

A private tutor will cost around $30-$50 per hour. So to compare against the Kumon cost we would only be able to afford a tutor for two to three times a month.

It’s also unlikely the tutor will have their own material for your child to go through when they are not around. Tutors tend to help a child with their current school work and are a good supplement to your child if they struggle through certain concepts.

While a tutor can provide great individualised learning, and can be the quickest way to get over concepts where your child is stuck, they may not be the best in providing additional material for your child to progress when they are not around.

Compare To Textbooks

Why not just go and buy a heap of textbooks for your child to progress through? With a one month Kumon charge you could buy a good set of textbooks for the same money!

The only problem we have experienced with textbooks is that they are a good supplement for teachers, so if you can teach the subject you would do well, but their progression can be too fast for your child.

Kumon seeks mastery from the child before progressing them forward to the next concept, they also do very well in progressing a child incrementally.

Textbooks tend to jump from concept to concept as they try to assist the teacher in progressing through the curriculum in the year.

Compared To Another Service

There are many other services on the spectrum of coaching. Most will focus on their superior teaching, others will focus on their materials.

Depending upon your child’s learning ability and what your child resonates best with, as some children need lots of direction and inspiration and a tutor is a good fit, or a service that focuses predominantly on teaching in a small group.

Other children can work independently and like to be challenged and can therefore work with just a textbook.

By trying different elements on the spectrum of learning you can better assist your child with their ability in math and reading.


Kumon will cost around $120-$150 per month per child per subject. It is good value for money if you’re looking for a service for your child who can work by themselves and doesn’t need a lot of assistance with undertaking the work.

To effectively use Kumon you’ll still need to help your child by providing help with new math or reading concepts, so if time is of the essence then you might want to explore other services where they provide tutelage.

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