Hello! We are Sara & Ryan Sheehy, the creators of MathMum.com.

MathMum.com was designed to help share some of the things we struggled with or found helpful when trying to teach our three children mathematical concepts.

We believe mathematics is an essential skill, just like reading and writing, and we want our children to be well-equipped as they progress through school so that they aren’t left behind.

Brief History

In 2008 Ryan Sheehy had a dramatic change in career. Having originally graduated back in the year 2001 with a Bachelor of Commerce (Professional Accounting) degree he worked for himself and a handful of small businesses as an accountant.

However, after several years he had a change in career and obtained an additional Graduate Diploma (Secondary Teacher) degree which propelled him into teaching mathematics due to the greater need of math teachers in schools.

Having taught the full gamut of school grades and teaching his own children the basics of mathematics as they embark on their own journey through school.

Ryan, along with his wife Sara, shares the tips and methods they use to equip their three children with strong mathematical abilities and confidence in tackling tough math problems.

On this website you will find easy to follow step by step written and visual demonstrations of how to answer and complete mathematical questions.