NSW School Rankings Based On HSC 2015-2021 Data

HSC School Ranking Top Schools 2021
HSC School Rankings Top Schools in NSW

How have the top 600-odd NSW schools fared over the last 7 years?

After ferreting around the web for historical data I’ve been able to cobble together a spreadsheet listing the ranking of 600-odd schools since 2015.

The data has simply captured the rank of each school according to the HSC results for each year.

The data can help determine if the recent result of the school was “normal” or if their result was “abnormal”.

If the data does not have a result this means they were not in the top 600-odd in that year.

Also, if a school has changed its name since 2015 there may be a problem with data accuracy. I’ve tried to match schools from my understanding.

Finally, I’ve applied a simple average over the period to give you an idea of a schools average rank over the last 7 years. Some years a school may have a great cohort and rank highly, and other years it may have a tough cohort and have its rank drop.

Either way it can be difficult to determine whether a school will do well for your child as it does not just rest on the school to help your child perform – there’s a strong correlation with the help the child gets at home!

Anyway, feel free to analyse the data to your hearts’ content, there’s both a PDF & spreadsheet below:

HSC School Rankings Data 2015-2021 Google Sheet


To see how a school has performed over time use the above documents to help determine how well a school has ranked over the last 7 years in their HSC results.

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