How To Teach A 3 Year Old To Count

3 year old counting on board

A three year old who is beginning to speak should be able to say the first five numbers with ease as they’re mono-syllabic, they only have one syllable and therefore are easy to pronounce. With a little more push you could get them to count to ten. This process will require time and effort from …

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How Much Does Kumon Cost Per Month?

Wallet on top of Kumon reading booklets

Since 2016 we enrolled our eldest child into the Kumon math program. Within a month of starting he turned five, and we have also enrolled our other two children when they were around the 3.5 age mark. Thankfully throughout the time spent at Kumon we have not had the centre increase the cost of the …

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Is Kumon Really Worth It?

Kumon reading and math cover pages with pencil

How do you know if Kumon will be a right for you and your child? Kumon is not a panacea that will solve all your child’s math problems, but if you have the time and right commitment attitude it will be very rewarding.

How to Enrich Your Child’s Math Skills

our popular math books apsmo enrichematics

How can you enrich your child’s mathematical ability? What are some popular resources that you would recommend? Thankfully there are many resources on the internet and in your local book store (or Amazon) where you can help enrich your child’s ability by giving them further extension work in a mathematical topic. What does math enrichment …

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